Clusters are shown as circles with thick rims with area proportional to the number of nodes in a cluster. Click on clusters to show menu options, click and drag to reposition.

Nodes are shown as different symbols (depending on rendering options), with thin rims , and area scaling with the number of links.

Type in text to search for clusters and nodes whose attributes contain the term.
For example, typing in MSM will highlight nodes and/or clusters that have 'MSM' in any of the data fields.
Type in space separated terms (MSM IDU) to search for either term.
Type in terms in quotes (\"male\") will search for this exact term.
Type in <0.01 to search for nodes that have edges which are 0.01 (1%) or shorter. Any positive threshold works

Matching node
Cluster where 25% of nodes match the term
Cluster where 75% of nodes match the term

Use the Hide others checkbox to automatically hide all clusters/nodes that do not match the search terms
Use the Show small clusters checkbox to display small clusters that may have been hidden for clarity
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